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We are a trauma-informed service

This means our staff are experienced in working with clients whose lives have been affected by sexual and relational trauma, we are specially trained to understand how trauma can affect the body and the brain.


We understand that trauma can be life-changing, it leaves us feeling unable to cope and it can be severely debilitating. 


We recognise the great courage and strength it takes to reach out for help. Our trauma-informed service means we can offer you hope, and suggest ways to help you in having a better quality of life and feel more in control.

Talking to us

People coming for therapy often believe this means they must remember and re-tell their trauma history in detail. When you come to Safety Net, this is not true.


For some people 'remembering' is not healing and we will never expect or encourage you to talk about your traumatic experiences unless you feel this is something you need or want to do.


Our therapy is focused on improving your trauma symptoms and this is offered in a way that is safe and at a pace that suits you.

What to expect

Our clients are at the heart of our work so we will spend time with you to really understand the struggles you are facing and how your life has been impacted by trauma.  


We will then start our therapeutic work with you, meeting with you regularly, working on the issues that are important to you. We will educate you about trauma so that you can understand what you are experiencing and why. We will incorporate trauma-focused strategies to help you self-regulate and feel more in control and support you in building your own resources.

What about criminal trials

Safety Net offers clients who may face going to court a form of therapy called pre-trial therapy. This means we are bound by the restrictions from the Crown Prosecution Service and so that we do not contaminate evidence we work in a way that is very safe. 

We would support you in working in the 'here and now' with the symptoms and issues you face. However, we would not discuss the court case, the offence or the perpetrator. We appreciate that going to court can be extremely frightening and our specially trained staff can support you during this process.

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